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[Quick Translation] FINE BOYS

5 Questions to Yamashita Tomohisa

He talks about his fashion policy.Collapse
Fine Boys October 2008
Q1, Do you usually wear accessories?
I usually wear gold accessories. I also have silver ones, but somehow I feel gold ones suit me better.
Q2, Did you buy any clothes for the fall?
I bought a leather rider’s(Biker’s) jacket. I love rider’s jackets and I have some already. But still bought one again. (laugh)
Q3, So you must love rider's style.
Not particularly. I also wear a down vest for the fall to the winter. In the summer, I wear surfer style clothing. By the way, I haven't been to the beach for a while...
Q4, You cover many kinds of styles.
But I wear limited items. I prefer boots than sneakers. Wearing wide denim jeans isn't my taste, too. Maybe my clothing taste is unbalanced.
Q5, Do you have any items you'd like to buy now?
Somehow I don't (laugh). When I concentrate on my work, all my desires toward material stuff or pastimes disappear.


photo credit to and edited by watchful21


(rough translation from article)

It's been officially announced that NewS will have their New Year's Holidays concerts at Tokyo Dome.
The concert tour will start from Oct 25th (in Sendai), and end in next year Jan 12th (in Osaka).
and as a part of this tour, from Dec 30th through Jan 1st, they'll have concerts at Tokyo Dome.
Having the concert at the place, Kinki Kids has occupied there for ten years, however, their 10 years anniversary will be located in Osaka, Kyosera-dome, for this year, and NewS has been chosen to take the position this time.
Their new song "Happy Birthday" will be out on Oct 1st.
At the New Year's Eve, Johnny's countdown concert will be located at the dome, after NewS's concert.


other sources
 (thanks my friends for providing the sources)

[translation] BOAO interview

Taking my vacation in Japan

Because of my schooling, I'll have a limited internet access^^;
I won't be able to update my journal for 2 months but I'll definetely come back here in August.

and I'll enjoy spending a time watching Yamap's "code blue" and Ryo-chan's "Last friends SP" there^-^
I hope you all will have a great summer time too!!

soreja matane(^0^)/

Summary translation from official website, and additional small trivia.

Yamap's new drama

"Code Blue ~Doctor Heli EMT~"
Starting July 3rd(Th) 22:00

(Yamap as Aizawa Kousaku)
He is going to act as a trainee flight doctor
http://wwwz.fujitv.co.jp/codeblue/ (official website/ Fuji TV)

(source picture from sports Nippon)

Guessing how much do they make $$$

 Have you ever been curious about each JE talent’s incomes?
We will never know what their yearly incomes are, but this interesting rating will give us a hint to guess how much do they make.
(yamap in TBC CM in '07, finally never been aired in public^^;)
Top 149 Japanese leading companies chose
“The most wanted male TV star for Advertisement (CM)”

 As the rumor has got around, it seems like his new drama will be officially announced soon,
I posted here before the result of major J's related movies,  
and today I researched the audience rating of major J's dramas aired 2000 through 2008.

I hope this will be helpful reference to compare with others 
and figure out the result he marked is actually passing grade or not.

As watchful21 posted on here, the president of TBS declared that Kurosagi made a solid hit. 
The movie is still showing but it seems like the final revenue will be around $16~$17 million USD.
And I know everyone must be wondering if the result is a good number or not.
So, I researched major Johnney's related movie's revenues.